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Enjoy pure alkaline water delivered
to your home or office in
BPA-free plastic or glass bottles.


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Our Services and Products


Water Delivery Service

Enjoy the best, pure and delicious alkaline or purified water delivered directly to your home or office. Sign up today…


Alkaline Water System

Have the purest alkaline water flowing from your kitchen sink. Experience the benefits of the healthiest and best tasting water available.


Purification Water System

Eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals from your tap water. Give your family unlimited access to safe and delicious drinking water.


Whole House Water System

Protect your health, appliances, pipes, and more. Have clean water flowing from every tap in your home.


Filling Station

Visit us in-store for 4 different kinds of purified water designed to enhance and boost your overall wellness.


Shower Filter

An all-in-one 12-stage water filtration system that absorbs and eliminates harmful toxins from your shower. Feel clean, hydrated and nourished.

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Why Choose Us?

Exclusive water technology

Every water solution we offer is designed with features unique to us.


No more single-use plastic bottles. The Better Water Co also uses a water waste reduction solution that reduces water waste by 80%.

Customer support and satisfaction

Our specialized customer support is ready to help.


The Better Water Co’s water purification methods provide our customers with improved wellness while also passing along savings.



The all-in-one advanced 12-stage shower filter designed to absorb and remove harmful toxins and contaminants from your water.


What Our Customers Have to Say

Donald Green
National Geographic
I got to ‘Alkalogic’ right at closing time, and the women was such an Angel and blessed me with her delightful water.
Robert Broker
RB Group
As far as I know, this place has the best PH balanced water.
Maddy Turner
MT Ads Inc.
The water tastes great if you’re sensitive to those things, very clean and pure. The staff are sweet 😉
Betty Wright
FN Group
Best Water I’ve had in long time. I LOVE good water, and I have to say that this is it.
Sandra Thomas
I can drink this water like crazy. I mean, like it is pouring out of a beer bong and I have to get it all inside of me. It’s incredible.

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