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Minerals and the Body

Minerals are essential nutrients that cannot be manufactured through cell metabolism and therefore must be obtained through food and water.

Over the years, there has been much written about vitamins, with very little provided on the subject of minerals and minerals in water.

While it is true that vitamins play an important role in our bodies and that our bodies have the capacity to manufacture vitamins A, B and K (with the assistance of sunlight), the same is not true for minerals. Vitamins can also be manufactured in laboratories. Minerals, however, have to be mined from the earth.

Calcium (Ca): Is needed to maintain total body health.  The body needs it every day.  Not just to keep the bones and teeth strong over your lifetime, but to also ensure proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

Symptoms of Calcium deficiency: osteoporosis, tooth decay, muscle spasms, arthritis, feet and hand cramps and menopause.

Magnesium (Mg): An essential mineral for the heart and muscles.  Magnesium facilitates production of energy, as well as nerve and muscle impulses, energy production and maintains vitamin levels in the body.

Symptoms of (Mg) deficiency: Constant fatigue, insomnia, loss of hair, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, tooth decay, PMS, migraine, heart disease and increased nervousness.

Sodium (Na): with the combination of potassium it maintains the osmotic pressure of body fluids.

Symptoms of Na deficiency: Loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, dehydration, malfunction of the menstruation process and anxiety.

Potassium (K): Potassium in an electrolyte that help maintain the body fluid levels and helps regulate blood pressure. The Potassium also neutralizes acids and assists in metabolic processes.  Potassium is critical to our cardiovascular and nerve functions into cells and facilitating muscle energy

Symptoms of (K) deficiency: Increased pulse rate, constipation, high blood pressure, heart disease, angina pectoris, allergy, eczema and skin dryness.

Selenium:  Antioxidant plays a direct role in the body’s ability to protect cells from damage by free radicals

Think of antioxidants as rust (oxidation) by free radicals

Oxidation is harmful to the human body because it speeds up aging and leads to disease.

Minerals combined with dietary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins become an integral part of our body and its functions. Minerals play the essential role of building and regulating. Our regulatory functions allow for fluid secretion from the glands, maintenance of water and Acid-Alkaline balance, transmission of impulses, transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, transmission and discharge of metabolic waste, maintaining heart beats, blood clotting, and enzyme activity.

Ca, Mg and K is essential for maintaining overall health. Calcium is not only essential for the continual development and strengthening of bones and teeth, but also for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. It is also necessary for good blood circulation.

Then how much Antioxidant Water is required to maintain good health? The answer changes according to diet and a person’s ability to absorb the mineral properly.

The North American diet requires more calcium than the traditional Asian diet. When there is insufficient calcium intake to neutralize acidic proteins and fats, this “vital” mineral is “borrowed” from bones and teeth. However, this “borrowed” calcium doesn’t end up where it is needed, but instead forms stones in kidneys or raises blood calcium level (called “calcium paradox”). In other words, we need sufficient calcium.  However, it needs to be absorbed properly.

If an individual’s diet is low in calcium and magnesium, there may not be sufficient amounts of alkaline in the blood to be returned to bones, thereby making the bones and teeth more susceptible to damage. In order to prevent this from happening, adequate amounts of calcium should be included in the diet. Many people take calcium supplements to make up for what’s missing. However, the amount of calcium properly absorbed through supplementation may not be enough.

Drinking sufficient amounts of The Better Water Co. Antioxidant Ion Alkaline Water (along with good diet and proper supplementation) will help insure that enough calcium is absorbed properly into the body.

Regular daily intake of Antioxidant Water is a key to improved health.