Better health through optimum body pH balance.

We do water. Better.

Maintaining a correct blood pH balance of 7.635  is vitally important if we are to enjoy good health. Additionally, proper body pH balance promotes health and vitality from a cellular level. It keeps the body properly oxygenated;  which in turn helps to energize the body and support high levels of immunity.

At The Better Water Co. we specialize in the use of natural mineral based products. They are much more affordable – and one of our prime objectives is to bring the benefits of alkaline ionized water to as many people as possible. The reaction between the minerals and the water results in an increased pH (more alkaline) and a change in oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The reaction also results in the release of molecular hydrogen. Research in the use of hydrogen for therapeutic purposes is at an early stage, although increasingly showing the benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water. You can read more about research information in the technical articles section.