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Pure Calcium

The Human body  consists 70% water. In order to demonstrate the activity, it is crucial that it has to be water dissolvable and be able to convert in ionization state. Ion means wandering around. In chemistry, it means a working electrolyte capability. When electrolyte material is dissolved in water, it separates into cation and anion. Not all of Ion materials can be conversed to cation and anion. An organic matter such as sugar is water dissolvable but, can’t be separated into cation and anion and won’t be able to activate as ion. The calcified calcium phosphate which has very low solubility like elements of bone does not dissolve in water thus difficult to expect ionization formation.

Calcium in food or calcium substances used as a medicine have to go through digestive process by stomach acid; which is the range of pH 1.5 to 2.5 in stomach in order to be ionic. The acidity digestive substance which passed through stomach is neutralized by sodium bicarbonate in alkalinity secreted from pancreas and thus raises the pH level. When the calcium and magnesium are in 8.5 to 9.5 in acidity levels, they can be absorbed in the small intestine so they require the highest pH lever than any other mineral element.

When the average pH level of drinking water in villages where it’s famous for longevity, is pH 8.5-10 alkalinity.  The relationship between alkaline water and longevity is not a coincident

The Better Water Co. Antioxidant Ion Alkaline Water has a pH level 9 to 9.5+ so it’s like bringing the spring water from villages of longevity to your home.

However, consuming large quantities of unionized calcium is repressed by high acidity of stomach acid thus either lose the ions or become indissoluble in water.  Resulting in calcium stuck to diet fibers and excreted together. Like salt is only dissolved in limited amount; hence calcium is also ionized in limited amount.  This means that there is no danger of taking large quantities.