Aroma Sense Luxury Shower filter

We do water. Better.
  • Up to 30% water saving
  • 50 increasing in water pressure
  • 3000 lemon of vitamin per cartridge

Features and Benefits

The ingredients of natural aroma oils and Vitamin C enable you to enjoy the shower with Aroma fragrance and Vitamin C water.

Vitamin C in a gel type of our filter remove trihalomethane and residual chlorine in the tap water.

0.6~1.2mg/cc of Vitamin C is released in the water during shower.

Supply Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 Lemon Help to prevent skin trouble and make your skin smoother and hair silkier.

Thanks to our patented triangular spray plate hole, it saves water by 15~30% (saving 36,000 Liter/a year) according to the each model shower head size.

Thanks to our patented triangular spray plate hole, it generates 421,000pcs/cc negative ions and shower mist like in a waterfall.

You can enjoy Spa Massage effect like showering in Waterfall, because of 2~6 times higher water pressure and fine water stream by our patented spray plate hole.

DIFFERENT FRAGRANT AROMA FILTER: 8 kinds of fragrant aroma filter available

  • Lemon (basic)
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Pine
  • Neutral

Product Composition:

  • Vitamin C remove residual chorine by 98%.
  • Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 Lemons.
  • Aroma fragrance water.
  • Prevent various skin trouble and itch.
  • Good for moisturizing skin and silky hair.
  • Water saving up to 30%.
  • Spa Massage Effect by 2~6 times higher water pressure.
  • Feel like showering at a waterfall.
  • Prevent bacteria breeding.
  • Help to keep clean inside the shower head.
  • Remove rust, big particle pollutants (over 5~10 micro meter)
  • Washable.
  • More hygienic to clean inside the shower head.
  • Easy replacement of any broken parts.
  • ABS material + Chrome Coating.

Easy to install to any shower hose (global standard)