About Us

We do water. Better.

Clean and Pure water is the cornerstone of excellent health.

Water is the source of life. We live in a polluted environment and must take care of our health.

Since our body is made up mostly of water, we should replenish it with the cleanest and healthiest water on the planet.

At The Better Water Co., our vision is simple—to keep customer satisfaction as our top priority.

The Better Water Co. provides top-of-the-line, affordable Pure Antioxidant Ionizing Alkaline Water and Advance Purification Water Technologies for your home and your business.

Please visit our most advanced flagship water store in the country. We offer on demand self-use water filling station directed from our high technology in store purification system.

We’re more than clean water. In our store, you’ll find unique water accessories such as BPA-Free bottles, glass bottles and health related products such as:

  • Shower heads and filters (with Vitamin-C and scents)
  • Organic locally produced cold press juices
  • Organic Kombucha
  • Organic/Vegan/Gluten Free snacks, honey, supplements and more
  • BPA Free bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • Unique water accessories
  • Health Related products

Our objective is to cater to every lifestyle and budget by offering purified, alkaline and oxygen water delivery to your home or office. We currently service the following areas:

  • Select Areas in Los Angeles Area
  • Select Areas in North Orange County

Additionally, we’re introducing our  state of the art and advanced Technologies point of entry and point of use water conditioning and softening systems for home and businesses.

  • Complete home filtration solution for municipal city water or well water.
  • Commercial and business water filtration solution.

And our proprietary 9 stage, under the counter, Pure Antioxidant Ionizing Alkaline Filtration System.


Donald Green
National Geographic

I got to ‘Alkalogic’ right at closing time, and the women was such an Angel and blessed me with her delightful water.

Robert Broker
RB Group
Creative Director

As far as I know, this place has the best PH balanced water.

Maddy Turner
MT Ads Inc.
Art Director

The water tastes great if you’re sensitive to those things, very clean and pure. The staff are sweet 😉

Betty Wright
FN Group

Best Water I’ve had in long time.  I LOVE good water, and I have to say that this is it.

Sandra Thomas

I  can drink this water like crazy.  I mean, like it is pouring out of a beer bong and I have to get it all inside of me.  It’s incredible.