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Purifying and revitalizing shower filter for you and your family to enjoy.

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How does it work?

The Kapha Shower Filter by The Better Water Co. is an all-in-one advanced 12-stage water filtration process designed to absorb and remove harmful toxins and contaminants from your water. Body nourishing technology built into the shower filter infuses minerals into your water, supporting your health, body, skin, and hair hydration.


Clean Water, Clean Body

Transform your daily shower into a total body nourishing experience with The Kapha Shower Filter by The Better Water Co. Filter out harmful substances such as chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxins.

Improve Your Health

The Kapha Shower Filter reduces toxin exposure through inhalation and skin absorption by eliminating harmful contaminants and balancing your water’s pH. Using this innovative filter can prevent common health issues such as dry skin, rashes, dandruff, eczema, eye irritation, & hair loss after bathing. Restore and revitalize your skin & hair, making them feel soft & moisturized by using The Kapha Shower Filter.

Save Money and Time

  • Reduce hard water residue
  • Decrease soap/shampoo usage
  • Prevent scale and mold
  • Built-in 12 stage water filtration process
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit
  • Chrome finish
  • Simple maintenance
  • 2 X cartridges included – one year supply

Advanced 12 stage water purifying and revitalizing process:

Stage 1

Microporous PP Cotton

Removes sediment and particles

Stage 2

Stainless Steel Mesh

Filters out impurities

Stage 3

Magnetic Energy Balls

Increases the level of oxygen in the water for better nourishment

Stage 4

KDF 55

Eradicates chlorine, heavy metals such as mercury and lead as well as inhibits growth of bacteria

Stage 5

Far Infrared Ceramic Ball

Provides antibacterial benefits by increasing the oxygen capacity and acts as an anti-aging agent

Stage 6

Maifan Stone

Softens water and releases skin-nourishing minerals such as K, Ca, Na, Mg, Zn and Fe to help restore balance and increase vitality

Stage 7

Multifunction Ball

Boosts oxygen levels in the water to help release even more revitalizing minerals

Stage 8

Negative Ion Ball

Eliminates chlorine and odor from water as well as adjusts pH balance by releasing negative ions

Stage 9

Vitamin C Ceramic Ball

Softens water and infuses vitamin C to support overall skin care

Stage 10

Coconut Catalytic Activated Carbon

Removes smell, chlorine, organic contaminants, including many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trihalomethanes (THM)

Stage 11

Microporous PP Cotton

Traps remaining sediment and particles

Stage 12

Stainless Steel Mesh

Captures residual impurities from the water

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