Imagine soft, healthy water flowing
from every faucet at your house.


Whole house

Clean water

Made in USA

Unlock the advantage of having a Softening Whole House Water Filtration System in your home. Imagine soft, healthy water flowing from every faucet that does not irritate or dry out your skin. Your local municipal water supply adds chlorine and other harsh chemicals to the water to help combat viruses, bacteria, and more. While these chemicals are effective, they can be harmful to your health in the long term. By installing a water softener in your home, you will eliminate harsh chemicals and minerals from your water.

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How does it work?

The Softening Whole House Water Filtration System has a unique 4 stage process that uses premium quality media and a highly efficient filtration process. This combination ensures that all water that passes through the system will be filtered through all 4 steps to provide you with the softest water.

Here are the top 3 signs that you need to install a water softener in your home:

  • Stains and build-up in the sink and appliances. This is typically due to residue from minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This annoying residue is called limescale.
  • An expensive water bill. Due to scale build-up, your pipes must work harder to allow water to flow.
  • Skin and hair issues are another sign that a water softener is needed. Hard water leaves a residue on your skin that can make it feel dry and rough. Hard water can also clog your pores and cause blackheads and inflammation. Mineral residue on your hair can make it feel brittle and dirty.
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Purification Process

The water purification process eliminates or reduces the highest levels of toxins, contaminants, and particles from your water. Including:

Stage 1

Gravel (Distributor Protector)

Reduces hard water scale buildup up to 99% caused by minerals and iron deposit

Stage 2

Ion exchange

Removes hardness and softens the water


Add UV Light

Bacteria Removal: Kills viruses, bacteria, and protozoa

Benefits of having on demand access water provided by an advanced Whole House Water Filtration System:

  • Better shower for health
  • Cleaner, softer and healthier skin and hair
  • Less soap for bathing 
  • Less soap for laundry and soft clothing
  • Protected home appliances, pipes, and fixtures
  • Extended lifespan of appliances such as water heater, tank less water heater, dishwasher, wash machine and more
  • Efficient appliances
  • Cleaner bathrooms


  • Custom built in the USA using premium materials
  • FDA compliant and complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 42
  • Earthquake strap
  • Power plugs available
  • Backwash system set up every 7 to 10 days


  • Conditioning tank: 10” x 54”
  • Cover tank: Stainless steel
  • Pipes: Copper
  • Installation location: garage, basement, outside the house
  • Main city line connection size pipe- ¾ , 1”, 1 ¼ , 1 ½
  • Minimum city pressure 40 psi and maximum 95 psi


  • System re program so will automatic self-cleaning the media for new cycle every 8 day for long lasting media
  • Routine maintenance is recommended every 5 to 6 years, between 1 million to 1.5 million gallons of water
  • Depending on usage, salt must be added every 4 to 6 months
  • Detailed instructions will be provided and technicians will be available for service


  • 10 year manufacture warranty on the tanks and 5 year warranty on the brain valve
  • 1 year full converge warranty on all parts and labor

Additional Information

  • Systems are available for any size house or any type of application
  • Installation requires 4 to 6 hours to complete

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